AHU Air Handling Unit and Metering Panels

AHU Air handling Units Panels

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We manufacture and supply a very high-quality AHU panels which are a fuse-less type two co-ordinated starters for supply air fans. Our AHU panel is equipped with the facility for remote operations It becomes compatible with BMS through potential free contacts.


  • It comes with auto-manual, local remote feature for VFD feeders
  • VFD Bypass provision available on request
  • All AHU panels are provided with one incoming MCB/MCC8 or MPCB as per consultant specifications
  • All starters are provided with BMS compatibility as mandatory feature
  • Electric insulation
  • Facilitates the easy control of machines
  • Longer serviceability

Our supplied air handling unit panel is available in multiple variants such as manual type and automatic type. The offered air handling unit panel is equipped to accommodate electric circuit breakers. Our supplied air handling unit panel is very cost effective in price.

Air Handling Unit - FAQs

AHU Panel (Air Handling Unit) as the name suggests, is a box-like unit that handles room air. This can be both in residential or an industrial establishment.

Basically, the AHU panel is used to control
1. Humidity
2. Temperature
3. Air movement
4. Air cleanliness

All parts of the AHU are enclosed in a box-like enclosure. This ensures that every compartment of the AHU is protected from the damage. The box is also insulated to protect the loss of heat from the unit.

This is one of the most important parts of the AHU. It is made of copper tubing and also covered with fins to ensure the increase in heat transfer necessary for the cooling process. This part is used to cool and also dehumidify the air. The fan will suck the hot air from the room and blow it over the cooling coil which is cooled and sent back to the room.

Air handling is connected to the ducts which are of two types, supply air, and return air. Supply air ducts play a role of supplying the cool air from the AHU to the various parts of the rooms. The ducts are always arranged to ensure an even distribution of air in every part of the rooms.

This part sucks the hot return air from the room and blows it over the cooling coil. The type of fan selected will depend on the air volume. Usually, this can be determined by use of a special software.

Air filter also represents a very important part of the AHU Panel (Air Handling Unit). It removes dust, dirt, smoke and any other impurity from the air. It is usually attached to the cooling air. The air first passes through the air filter before moving to the cooling coil.

Fans use approximately 40% of the energy consumed by the system. Specification of the fan is very important in the design of the AHU system. In order to achieve a good efficiency of the fans, it is not just a matter of selecting the best product in the market but selecting the technology that best fit your technology.

In conclusion, an AHU panel plays a very important role when it comes to the air purification of your premises. The dehumidifying aspect, the air purification, and air cooling process gives the comfort needed in the premises. Selecting the right kind of system and energy consumption consideration is very important when doing your selection.

Metering Panels

We are one of the widely acclaimed manufacturers and suppliers of Metering Panels. The offered metering panel is fixed type with single front door design.

We manufacture various types metering panels. These panels are used m Residences, Apartment. Mall, etc. These panel operational Voltage of 41SV m a 3 phase 4 wire system. Our Meter Panels are made to IS 8623 specification & has a Short Circuit withstanding capacity of 5O KA for 1 Sec. We can provide the IP:54 & IP:55

We can provide the IP:54 & IP:55 degree of protection, the switchboards offered are in Fixed type configuration with single front design.

Our supplied metering panel is commonly used in apartments, homes, offices and shopping malls. The offered metering panel is specially designed and engineered by the experts of the trade.


  • Accurate dimensions
  • Electrically insulated panel construct
  • Longer functional life

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