AMF Panel & DG Synchronization Panels

AMF Panel & DG Synchronization Panels

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We feel proud to introduce ourselves as the well-known manufacturer and supplier of AMF Panels & DG Synchronization Panels in Bangalore and across India.

AMF Panel

JCI has the Expertise in Double Busbar systems with several DG sets connected to DG bus and selected DG sets continuously running for critical loads. When EB Power fails remaining DG sets will get ON and go OFF when the power is restored while the selected DG sets will continue to run for critical loads.

The offered DG Auto Mains Failure Panels are specially designed and engineered to automate the electric network. Our supplied automatic synchronising panels (also called as Auto Mains Failure Panels) are designed by the most experienced electrical technicians who are experts in DG synchronisation panel design. They can handle the power between 10KVA to 2500KVA.


  • Optimally spaced and sized
  • Accommodates multiple electric components
  • Hard wearing construct

More about DG AMF and Automatic Synchronising Panels

When working with network system components, it is a fact that you cannot connect them and have them work properly, unless you have their voltage curves coincide. If this is not the case, the electrical stresses that they must suffer will become too high, and might lead to the distortion of the equipment that comprises the system.

Auto Mains Failure Panel

For example, if we’re working with a three-phase system with alternating current, you must match the phase angle, phase sequence, voltage and frequency. To take care of this, synchronisation instruments and tools are used in such situations, and in this way we have a reliable, and more importantly, safe operation. The use of digital control technology has provided us with the option to transmit the input signals of these instruments to DG & automatic synchronising electrical panels, which make sure that all operations are done at the most right time. This kind of the equipment is also very recommended for usage when we’re switching on the generators with life network. The panels ensure that both the voltage and the speed of the generator are brought into a previously set tolerance range before both systems are connected with each other.

If you want to have an electrical circuit that uses two or more DG and has them share the load of the entire system, DG & automatic synchronising electrical panels are an essential item. All of the DG, be it two or more, are working in parallel mode, and their entire supply is connected with the main load. When the panel matches all of the parameters, such as the speed, the frequency, the phase angle and phase sequence, you can have complete synchronisation. Otherwise, this may be dangerous and might even result in complete system fail.

As previously mentioned, this kind of system will ensure smooth operation and synchronisation of the entire load that the household, or industrial establishment for that matter, should sustain. If this sort of change over panel for the generator is not incorporated, there may be errors that can result in some more severe problems.

When you’re working with multiple system components, it is key that they are connected properly, and that all parameters that are needed for their optimal operation are matching for each element. Otherwise, the system may be overloaded, the synchronisation won’t go as smooth as it should, and this can lead to issues such as the failure of system components, as well as safety hazards that must not be overlooked within such an environment.

AMF Panels

We feel proud to introduce ourselves as the well-known manufacturer and supplier of AMF Panels.

The offered auto mains failure panel is a component of the electric supply system which facilitates the division of electric power feed into subsidiary circuits. Our supplied auto mains failure panel is made from corrosion resistant metallic sheets.


  • Accommodates fuses and circuit breakers
  • Optimally sized to accommodate multiple electric circuits
  • Longer service life

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