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APFC Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels

JCI is a Trusted APFC Panel Manufacturer

We are manufacturers and suppliers of  APFCR panels (Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels) with capacitor bank panels having ample space provided for the capacitors within the panels for efficient heat dissipation. We also ensure that proper care is taken against the Re-switching ON of the Capacitor Bank before it is fully discharged

We also manufacture a Real-Time Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel, which is also known as a Thyristorised APFC Panel. In this APFC panel design, thyristors are used instead of Contactors for switching the capacitors. The capacitors are switched at Zero point on the AC waveform on account of which no harmonics, m-rush current or surges are generated at the time of switching of the capacitor in the network. This method of switching also increases the life of capacitors and efficiency of the electrical installation

Our Thyristorised APFC panels are programmed to activate required no. of capacitor banks automatically irrespective of the source (EB/DG) to ensure harmonics reduction.

Our supplied automatic power factor correction panels are highly acclaimed and liked by the client, owing to the increased service life of capacitors and electrical circuitry.


  • Thyristors are installed for switching the capacitors
  • Electrically insulated
  • Corrosion resistant

More about Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels

An APFC panel (Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel) is used not only to maintain high power factor but also help in eliminating the needed to have a constant manual intervention. All these panels are designed conventionally to the internationally agreed standards. They are typically available with various stabs that assist in the support of high capacity within the industrial motors. A good percentage of both industrial and commercial installations in the nation have relatively large electrical loads. These installations are considered to be severely inductive in their design including large machines, motors, drivers and air conditioners just to mention a few of them. This is likely to lead to an increased lagging power factor at the end of the day. Also, it implies that wastage and loss of energy by the electrical boards. In the case that involved fixed loads, it can be undertaken by switching the kvar capacitors manually. In the situation where there is rapidly varying and scattered loads, it will be very difficult when it comes to maintaining the high power factor through the same method. To eliminate this problem, it is high time you considered the idea of using these panels.

They are considered to be economical with relatively faster payback durations
  • They have the ability to maintain a constant high power factor
  • They can assist you to eliminate the small power factor penalties that tend to be levied by the EB
  • Helps in lowering the demand charges by KVA
  • Assists in improving the efficiency of your system by reducing your losses in the long run
  • Helps in preventing leading power factor during the installation under low load conditions

The power factor controller is used to display different parameters including power, current, voltage and harmonic distortions using an automatic set up. This promotes efficiency in the switching system. In addition, it helps in sensing the alarm condition when the temperature is too high or too low. The system applied the dry type of capacitors that has self-healing properties to add to the safety of the system. The fuse that accompanies the system is not only simple but also easy to maintain. This gives you more reasons to consider the panels. Its modular design helps in ensuring you have an easy time in maintaining your system. Furthermore, it has special switching capacitors that help in the minimization of the transients when making any changes to the system. We can share the apfc panel circuit diagram upon request.

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