Electrical Power Distribution Panel Boards

Electrical Power Distribution Panel Boards

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Power Distribution Panels and boards. The offered panel board is very commonly used for the public electric distribution systems.

Our supplied power distribution panel board is very efficient in accommodating multiple electric circuits and electrical accessories.


  • Segregated framework and modular design
  • Optimal spacing
  • High durability

Custom Power Distribution Boards

We are one of the well-known manufacturers and suppliers of Custom Power Distribution Boards. The offered custom power distribution board is highly acclaimed for being optimally sized and electrically insulated.

Our supplied custom power distribution board is optimally sized to accommodate multiple electrical accessories and components.


  • Resistant to rust
  • Optimally sized framework
  • Durable

Power Distribution Panels - All You Need to Know

A power distribution board panel is an important component in each and every electricity supply system. This power distribution panel feeds electrical power to various subsidiary circuits with an interest in providing an efficient and protective circuit breakers and fuse for each of the circuits in one common enclosure which can be accessed with ease in case of an electric fault.

A distribution board panel ensures complete and safe power distribution from one circuit the other in the whole wiring system. In the case of any fault either electric short or an accident in the course of work, it is easier for one to stop the power supply and manage the situation using the control desk other than switching off the whole circuit one by one. This brings about efficiency and ease of controlling the electric system in your place.

Insulation breakdown is the least your electric system or circuit should experience. Ground faults occur due to inadvertent contact between the ground and an energised conductor. The fault current has its return path being the grounding system and any equipment or personnel become part of the system. They are common in dusty, damp or wet environments and these require an extra effort and design to handle it completely. A power distribution panel has been designed with a protection relay that detects even the lowest currents, 5 mA and prevents the opening of the circuit breaker at a lower level. This has all that takes to keep you safe in case of such incidents.

The ease of monitoring your system depends on the installation and complete wiring of the whole electric unit. A system controlled from the power distribution board can be maintained easily and routine checkups are done effectively. In the case of freeze protection and heat-tracing systems, the power distribution board serves as an alarm panel and helps to maintain the desired conditions within the circuit.

The circuit breaker panel board assembled inside the distribution panel works its way out to maintain the normal functioning of the whole electric system and keeping the circuit in its maximum working conditions. Installing the power distribution board panel is the best you can do for your household or industry and your future self will obviously thank you for.

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