Extension Alarm Panel Installation Services

Extension Alarm Panel Installation Services

We are one of the leading service providers of Extension Alarm PanelS Installation Services. The offered service is carried out to extend the alarm panel structure and circuitry.

Our offered extension alarm panel installation service is executed by the experts of the trade and is easily available at very affordable and cost effective market rates.

Other Details:

  • Service completion within the predefined time limits
  • Carried out by the most experienced technicians
  • Customized solution

Extension Alarm Installation - FAQs

Extension Alarm System (EAS) has become very useful nowadays. It provides machinery alarms to cabins, public areas as well as bridges for control rooms that are totally unmanned. Extension panels at all locations are connected to marine automatic system through various networks. These panels serve the purpose of displaying machinery alarm settings like alarm channel, operation mode, alarm group status as well as on-duty selections. Additionally, EAS has many other functions like on-duty selections, engineer calls as well as operation mode selections.

There are two operation modes in extension alarm panels which are Engine Control Room(ECR) mode along with Wheel House(WH) mode. ECR mode indicates manned engine control rooms. In this mode, EAS do not transfer machinery alarms to engineers on-duty because the engineers who are in the control rooms can take actions for these activated alarms. Thus only the extension alarm panels are activated in these modes.

WH mode is for those unmanned engine control rooms which require on-duty EAS selection for transferring machinery alarms to on-duty engineers. An example can be used for explaining the situation correctly. When the operation mode is WH mode, on-duty engineers are the first to take actions, since extension panels not only remains in the bridge but also engineers cabin gets activated for these machinery alarms.

Integrated Extension Alarm System (IEAS)

IEAS provides flexibility to duty configuration and flexibility to alarm groups. Integrated Extension Alarm System provides two types of system architectures.

  • Ethernet-based using switches
  • CAN-based using CAN converter

Ethernet-based architecture is more reliable than CAN converters. Extension alarm panels work with the help of multiple devices that together warn people through visuals detecting smoke, fire or other emergencies. Smoke detectors can activate the alarm in these panels along with heat detectors. These panels set few frequencies with different tones like high medium and low. Most of these panels have sirens which are quite audible from long distances.

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