Fire Alarm Control Panels

Fire Alarm Control Panels (Fire Fighting Panels)

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We are one of the trusted manufacturers of Fire Alarm Control Panels in India, which are used for firefighting in the chemical, plastic, pharmaceutical industries and oil refineries. These fire panel systems are the heart of the fire fighting system and are designed by our experienced Technical Engineers, employing advanced technologies.

Our products are available in different specifications to meet the varied needs of our clientele Features:

  • Works in both auto/manual mode
  • Operational voltage of 415 V
  • Easy installation and connection
  • When pressure drops, it runs automatically for fire prevention
  • Available in wall mounted/floor mounted option
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Accommodates electric components and circuits
  • Easy installation

The offered fire alarm panel is highly liked for fire-preventive, auto-operation at the event of pressure drop. The offered firefighting panel is available in wall mounted, and floor mounted configurations.

Fire Fighting Panels -FAQs

In basic terms, fire fighting electrical panels are highly advanced components that are specifically designed to control fire alarm systems. These panels function by receiving crucial information from various environmental sensors that detect fire-related changes. Moreover, the panels monitor the operational integrity of the sensors and enable automatic control of the fire prevention equipment. They are also responsible for transmitting information that is required to prepared the facility in case of fire.

Fire fighting electrical panels are designed to initiate preventive measures or timely interventions in line with a predetermined sequence. Their functional capacity gets into full effect whenever there is an imminent threat of fire. These panels can help to safeguard households by providing timely warnings, which should be followed by timely rescue operations. Such actions can limit the scale of damage. For example, the alarm system can be followed by immediate evacuation of people and important property.

Industrial establishments are some of the places that are highly vulnerable to fire incidents. Most of these fires start spontaneously leaving the workers and rescue teams with little time to protect themselves and salvage the industry. That is why it is important for every industry, whether big or small, to invest in the fire fighting electrical cables as a safeguard measure. Naturally, industrial settings are vast with multiple flash points that can only be monitored by the sensors provided by these panels.

It is impossible to rely entirely on human senses for telling whether a fire outbreak is imminent. Some calm situations can be very deceptive when it comes to the risk of fire incidents. An outstanding characteristic about these panels is that they rely on ultramodern technologies to detect conditions that precede fire incidents. The sensors are very effective in detecting a drop in pressure or a sharp rise in temperatures, which may suggest the imminence of a fire outbreak.

Once the panel system detects a fire, it engages in certain intervention measures that help to deescalate the damage. Setting off an alarm system is one such intervention because it leads to prompt responses from the fire fighting and rescue teams. Another mechanism entails the sprinkler system, which counters the fire by sprinkling water around the affected areas. Generally, these special panels are considered as the first line of defence against the threat of fire. However, it is necessary for the owners and managers to ensure that the entire alarm system is in perfect functioning order at all times.

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