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LT Kiosks

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of LT Kiosks. The offered LT kiosk is designed to facilitate the housing of electric components and accessories. Our supplied LT kiosk panel is easy to install and fix. They are made from superior grade iron alloy, to ensure longer functional life and durability.


  • Resistant to rust
  • Modular design
  • Longer service life
LT Kiosks

LT Kiosks - FAQs

Put in plain and simple words, LT is the acronym for low tension and it is usually in the context of electrical supply and transmission of power from one point to another. It is used to describe a low tension line and is the opposite of HT or high tension lines. As far as India is concerned, LT supply is about giving power connection equivalent to 400 volts for three phase connection. If it is for single phase connection the voltage would get reduced to 230 volts.

While HT is required for high tension customers who consume around 11 Kilo-watts and more, anything below this is classified under low tension. As far as tariff structure is concerned, they are different for high tension and low tension customers. Most domestic homes, small businesses, shops, hostels, schools, universities and perhaps even residential colonies fall under the gamut of LT or low tension customers.

While the above few lines could have given some basic understanding the about LT power supply, what exactly is the meaning of a kiosk in electric power supply parlance. When we talk about a kiosk we are referring to an open fronted cubicle which could be used for various purposes including selling of tickets, refreshments and other such items. Hence when we take this logic forward and use kiosks in electric parlance it could be useful in more ways than one it is basically a construction which acts as a via media between HT panel and DP structure. It is something that is essential for transmitting power from one end to another.

These kiosks come in different shapes and specifications and the customers could choose the one which is suitable as far as their needs are concerned. The capacities of these kiosks have to be carefully considered and with the help of professionals one can move forward. They are also referred to as outdoor panels and are quite commonly used in industrial and business units. When installing them one should factors various parameters such as compact design, ruggedness and they should also have advanced service life. At the end of the day there is no doubt that when it comes to homes and other domestic requirements the role of LT Kiosks are extremely important and vital to say the least.

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