Power Control Centre PCC Panels

Power Control Centre Panels (PCC Panels)

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Power Control Centre PCC panels in Bangalore and other parts of India, that are used for diverse industrial applications. We make and supply Power Control Centers up to 4000A rating, suitable for operational Voltage of 41SV m a 3 phase 4 wire system Our PCCs are made to IS 8623 specification & has a Short circuit withstanding capacity of 65KA for 1 Sec.


Our PCC panels can be supplied with in-built load scheduling systems and alarms which help to trip the identified non-critical loads when the source (EB/DG) is overloaded.

We can provide the IP 54 S IP. 55 degree of protection with single front / Double Front design. These panels are made of quality raw material and are extremely sturdy in construction.


  • Electric insulation
  • Easy operation
  • High durability

More about Power Control Centre Panels

Electricity is one of the most ingenious inventions and is the case with many others; its usage should be guided by certain measures of caution which, if not adhered to, may pose life-threatening risks to the user. One of the major concerns posed by electricity is fluctuations or oscillations in the flow of electrical current.

These changes have the potential of causing massive electrical failures to buildings as well as causing unmitigated damages to electrical devices, and this is where Power Control Center Panels come in. These panels are designed with the aim of curbing or absorbing the impacts caused by these power fluctuations.

The primary function Power Control Centers Panels is checking the changes in electricity in both residential and commercial properties.

For both residential properties and commercial establishments, the panels have three major roles. The first one is to ensure that any danger resulting from unforeseen powers surges is arrested before the whole system blows up and possibly causes the fire to the building.

This very function of checking power surge also ensures that electrical appliances are protected. In the event of power fluctuations, the gadgets remain intact as the dangers resulting from these changes are plugged right in the panels. The panels are fitted with high-efficiency circuit breakers that ensure the flow of electricity from the centres to the buildings is calibrated.

Lastly, Power Control Centers Panels offer building owners and users an effective way of monitoring their power consumption level. Ideally, they are fitted with various meters serving different sections of a building so that one can track the actual power consumption in a given unit within the building.

In commercial establishments, these panels have been widely accepted in areas such as shopping centres, treatment plants, and intelligent buildings among many others.

First of all, the panel should have its outer structure coated with a high-grade powder for maximum durability even in the face of harsh weather conditions. When considering the voltage, insist on those panels with a 1000 V AC & 1200 V dc. However, the voltage could stagger around the recommended range depending on the intended site of the PCC Panel [whether it is for residential or commercial establishments].

Needless to mention, you need to go with a PCC panel manufacturer or vendor that is well-reputed to ensure that your panels are safe and genuine. This can be determined by answering three questions –how long have they been in the production business or market respectively, what is their overall feedback based on customer reviews both online and offline and are they insured and licensed.

JC Industries has rich experience in supplying great quality Power Control Centre panels to customers in Bangalore and in other parts of Karnataka state too !

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