UPS Power Supply Distribution Boards

UPS Power Supply Distribution Boards

We feel proud to introduce ourselves as the well-known manufacturer and supplier of UPS Distribution Boards. The offered uninterrupted power supply board is very commonly used for the division and distribution of electric power supply.

Our supplied uninterrupted power supply panel is easy to fix and install.


  • Equipped to accommodate thermal distributors
  • Accurate dimensions
  • High durability

UPS Distribution Boards - FAQs

An Uninterrupted Power Supply distribution board can be defined as an electricity supply component system that efficiently separates electrical power feeds in circuits that are subsidiary to each other. They do this while still being able to provide a protective circuit breaker or fuse for each separate circuit in a single enclosure. Usually, a major switch is incorporated into it. Recently, a single or several devices that contain residual current (some with protection for overcurrent) are also installed.

A UPS distribution board is the point from which electrical supply is equally distributed from the inside of any building. The cable that carries the main supply enters the distribution board. From there it is then distributed to breakers which sequentially distribute it to each and every circuit. These circuits may be supplying power to lights and plugs in a building.

The distribution board houses each and every earth leakage unit, all contact breakers and occasionally it may even house door bell timers and transformers. Any main distribution board is more often than not situated in the building in which major electrical cables enter from. On the other hand smaller boards, contact breakers together with the earth leakage units are located at different areas. Distribution boards are normally used in the distribution of three phase supplies or single phase supplies. This is highly dependent on the specifics of its installation.

Despite the fact that distribution boards vary from nation to nation, its basic supply principles it uses in distributing single phase supply is the same. This is because it ensures control and safety is guaranteed.

There are various types of UPS distribution boards. These include the following:

  • Surface mounted UPS distribution boards
  • Flush mounted UPS distribution boards
  • Floor standing UPS distribution boards

The following are the advantages of UPS distribution boards in household and industrial establishments

  • These distribution boards are widely used in homes and industries, this is because they ensure that workers in factories or even people in a home are safe from electrical shocks and fires.
  • They guarantee the continuous operation of critical activities that use electrical power in case of a power outage for a few extra minutes. This is useful as work can be saved and machines properly shut down to prevent malfunctioning. This can save businesses and families a great of money in repair, loss of important data and purchase of new electrical appliances.

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